Wiiboox LuckyBot 3D Printer Food Extruder 

Make your 3D print process more fun, loving and tasty!

Open design 丨 Parent-child Shared 丨Cost-effective

Product Features
Compact & Compatible Design
750g only , more suitable for different occasions

The lightweighted body and DIY FDM 3D printer are perfect match for different occasions, like home, business, and teaching. Outdoor picnics, conference tea breaks, hotel desserts, LuckyBot can be your good partner!

Compatible with a variety of ingredients,
Fun with 3d printing

The 0-40°c temperature control system allows LuckyBot to print different ingredients. Chocolate, jam, cheese or cream? Don't know which one to choose? Have one of each.

Intelligent temperature control,
Printing your chocolate at will!

With the unique intelligent temperature control algorithm and circuit control system, LuckyBot can shape the food ingredients so well.  ±0.5°c temperature control, master artwork. You can make unique delicious dessert anytime, anywhere!

Try something new!

Nothing can shake your determination to change, and focusing on creative work is the only thing you need to think about. 
Try something new. LuckyBot will take care of the rest.